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23rd August 1832 - 1st Total Abstinence Pledge signed.

On this day, 186 years ago John King was passing Joseph Livesesy's shop in Church Street, Preston - Joseph Livesey invited him in and after a discussion about the subject of moderation vs total absention from alcohol, Livesey asked King if he would sign a pledge of total abstinence, to which he agreed. Livesey drafted the Pledge and requested of King "Thee sign it first" which he did and then signed after him.

On the following Saturday week, September 1st, at special meeting of the Temperance Society in Preston, the "Seven Men of Preston" agreed to the Pledge that marked the real beginning of the Temperance movement in the UK.

"We agree to abstain from all liquors of an intoxicating quality, whether ale, porter, wine, or ardent sprits, except as medicine"

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