Fun Facts: A Temperance Miscellany

Here are a couple of miscellaneous temperance fun facts for history buffs, ranging from the views of Thomas Cook to the origins of Vimto. Thomas Cook The founder of the well known British holiday company was a committed abstainer. On 5 July 1841, Cook arranged a railway excursion to take a group of Temperance campaigners from Leicester to Loughborough and this trip is widely acknowledged as an important step in the founding of the holiday industry in the U.K. He escorted around 500 people who paid one shilling each. In the following three summers he planned and conducted outings for local temperance societies and Sunday school children. Tony Benn The veteran Labour MP who died in 2014 came f

Temperance Buildings: A Comprehensive Overview

From Halls to Hospitals, the Temperance movement prompted the construction of a variety of buildings, a lot of which stand today. Besides the infamous Alliance House, there are a number of notable buildings the movement is responsible for! Read more and click through interactive galleries that demonstrate the work the movement is responsible for. In the early 19th Century there were very few alternatives to meeting in Inns or Public Houses. For many small villages and towns, all social life was centred on the local Inn: what transport there was used the Inn as staging posts, coroners held inquests in them and some employers even used them as wages offices (with an obvious temptation). Ironi

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