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Alliance House Foundation

Past Projects

Stay Dry Campaign Alliance House

The Stay Dry Campaign

The Stay Dry Campaign was an alcohol free lifestyle campaign launched in 1985 and ran for a number of years.  The Campaign was launched by the TV actor Martin Shaw.

Alliance News

UKTA published the journal 'Alliance News'. During its history, Alliance News varied from being published on a weekly to monthly and even quarterly basis. 


Alliance House Foundation holds a complete run of the journal in its library.

Alliance News Publication


UKTA founded the Teacher's Advisory Council on Alcohol & Drugs in 1968 and financially supported organisation for many years.

Industrial Project at the National Council on Alcoholism

For a number of years the UKTA sponsored the position of Industrial Officer at the NCA which carried  out  pioneeering work on Alcohol in the Workplace

Journal for Magistrates Alliance House Foundation

Journal for Magistrates 

Alliance House Foundation published  a journal for Magistrates providing information on Licensing Issues.

Temperance Research Centre

& Library

In 1975 UKTA founded the TRC & Library.  A number of collection of temperance organisations no longer in existence were brought together & formed into the historical archive  which is today housed at Alliance House.

Ernest Winterton Memorial Lectures

Enerst Winterton was Labour M.P. for Loughborough 1929-31 and an active member of the temperance movement.  At his death in 1946 he left a legacy for an annual lecture wich was administered by AHF.  The first of these was delivered by Vicountess Snowden in 1946 and continued until the 1980s.

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