One in Ten UK Hospital Inpatients is Alcohol Dependent.

Researchers estimate that one in ten patients in the UK hospital system are alcohol dependent and one in five patients use alcohol harmfully. This study published in the scientific journal Addiction, emphasises how high level of alcohol dependence among hospital inpatients has not been met with a significant action; services for patients with alcohol dependence are still severely limited. Alcohol dependence is found most commonly in patients attending accident and emergency departments while harmful use of alcohol is most prevalent in mental health inpatient units. This suggests that alcohol is a coping mechanism for patients still. There is a need for healthier and least costly coping mecha

Harm due to other's drinking.

A new report has highlighted the wider social harm alcohol consumption causes. The alcohol consumption of individuals affecting others is a widely accepted reality - around 200,000 children are living with an alcohol dependent parent or carer in England alone. However, the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs has now come to estimate that 53 million adults in the US experienced harm because of someone else’s drinking in the last 12 months. What exactly is harm in this case? It includes harassment, vandalism, physical aggression, financial or family problems, and/or harms related to driving. It's a sobering thought that 21 per cent of women and 23 per cent of men experienced harm due to so

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