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Around the world in a dozen Drinks

Unfortunately alcohol harm is not limited to a single place and time. The effects of alcohol are wide reaching. Yes, Alliance House Foundation has its roots in the United Kingdom and most of the work we do is focused on this area, but the world is becoming more interconnected. We are acutely aware of the harm that substance abuse prompts across the pond. Several ponds!

We're all interconnected as human beings.

Despite the biological effects of alcohol remaining largely consistent, the sociological and societal effects of alcohol abuse on policy and culture have different faces. Did you know that in Thailand all drugs are blurred out in television media? This includes alcohol and cigarettes. It's fascinating to watch a Thai drama on Netflix and come across an image like this:

This prompted me to ask:

What are the other differences and simialRITIES?

Can looking at the cultural spaces alcohol occupies in other countries teach us something?

What are the differences between alcohol abuse and use in South Korea and Australia. What are the laws in the United Arab Emirates compared to France? And what is the current culture of drinking in the USA? Where are the similarities and how can we bridge the gap to stop the haphazard recreational use of alcohol?

Alcohol has firmly gripped some cultures, countries and consciences. But some are shaking free in interesting ways. In the upcoming weeks, I'll share my findings on alcohol in 12 different countries - exploring the laws that the countrymen do and do not follow, the cultural significance of alcohol, and the transcendent harm that inevitably colours its use.

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