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The Teetotaler's Companion; A Plea for Temperance by Peter Burne

Published in London by Arthur Hall and Co.

Dawson Burns, D.D.   

Temperance History

Volume 1 1826-61

Volume 2 1862-80

National Temperance

Publications Dept.

Brian Harrison

Drink & The Victorians

Faber & Faber 1971

A Plea for Temperance by Peter Burne
Drink and the Victorians by Brian Harrison
The Water Drinkers by Norman Longmate

Norman Longmate

The WaterDrinkers

The hope of the race by robert taylor
The Temperance Movement

Robert Taylor

The Hope of the  Race (Band of Hope History),

Hope Press, 1946.

Snowden P. MP

Socialism and the Drink Question

Independent Labour Party, 1908.

Winskill, P

The Temperance Movement

Temperance Standard Bearers

socialism and the drink question by philip snowden
Temperance Standard Bearers
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