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interested in supporting the work of Alliance House Foundation?

Become a trustee!

The Trustee Board is seeking to appoint three new Trustees to support the governance of the charity, Alliance House Foundation. The Charity was founded in 1942 but has origins in the Temperance movement of the 19th Century.  Our primary aims are to educate the public about the effects of alcohol use in society and to promote non-drinking as a positive lifestyle choice.

We are looking for people with an interest in, and empathy with, the work of the Charity, bringing to a range of different skills, experiences and perspectives and who have adopted an alcohol - free lifestyle. Trustees are appointed for a three-year, renewable term.

Trustees are people who lead the charity, decide how it is run and make decisions that impact on people’s lives, making a difference to their local community and to society as a whole.

If you have worked with or alongside the charity sector or have experience, either personally or professionally, that has brought you into contact with issues around the use of alcohol in society, we are keen to talk to you.

For more detailed information about the role please contact : or telephone on 0207 222 5880.

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