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Non-Alcoholic Cocktails: Something For Everyone

It's simply amazing how many non-alcoholic cocktail recipes are floating around on the interweb; one look at pinterest and my jaw slacked with pleasant surprise.

Strategically placed lemon slices, picture upon picture garnished with mint and blessed with abundant sunshine...

...And no idea where to start. 

'Too many options' is a pretty good problem to have, but I feel compelled to offer a guide of sorts, for those who don't want to get too lost in the sauce. Let's begin!

For the professional on the go, grabbing a quick brunch with friends in the city:

For you, I recommend the grapefruit rosemary fizz mocktail: lime juice, grapefruit juice, rosemary and cucumber make this concoction deliciously refreshing without being overtly sweet. It's adult, efficient and means business. Take a sip. 

For the dreamer on a Sunday evening in the garden, watching the world go by slowly:

I reckon you'd really enjoy a peach shrub concoction. It looks like hard work for a Sunday off but, believe me, the coupe glass is really not necessary. The warmth of this mocktail matches that of the autumn time, it's even tinted a warm honeyed colour readily found in nature which makes it the perfect company for solitary world-watching. 

For the pumped up health aficionado with 5 minutes on a Monday before a gym session:

A 5-calorie raspberry lime mocktail sounds like the perfect solution for your thirst. You're about to work hard, you're getting ready for the sweat of your life, and this is just the thing to kick you into gear. Five calories, basically water, but with an extra fruit pep that promises some kind of extra motivation.

For the worked-out mortal who had a lengthy trek home after their gym session:

This cider thyme tonic mocktail is health nut's reprise. The bitter lemon offsets the punchy alcohol free apple cider and the thyme syrup is a great way to add sweetness without it becoming sugary and unbearable. You've worked hard, here's a shoulder relaxing treat. 

For the sports fan before an important match: 

I present to you, glow water. Refreshing but warming, add an extra kick of ginger with your peach for warmth and you're bound to stay pumped for an entire match. You can always add in a drop of food colouring to really show off which team you support - a nice reminder to keep hydrated while you scream your lungs out on the sidelines. 

For you, who needs a little excitement while you sit at your desk, scrolling through the internet: 

Rich and dark in colour, this blueberry maple mojito mocktail is a celebratory but also inconspicuous classic that we all rely on for a little excitement in our lives. It doesn't look very different from blackcurrant squash or a deep sangria, but it is infinitely more refined and tasty. The maple does the trick. 

For the bookworm, holed up with a big thick novel while it snows outside:

We've had a rendition of non-alcoholic apple cider, but this hot spiced apple cider has more of a mulled wine essence to it. Festive and warm, it's a cosy drink for a cosy situation and perfectly customisable. I find adding a little ginger with the cinnamon sticks hits the spot. 

And if you're looking for something to lull you asleep after a day battling the elements:

British weather is unforgiving, but white hot chocolate will always be there. Not quite your traditional alcohol alternative, but infinitely more comforting. To turn it into something a little more uptown, a martini glass is all that is needed. 

When you want to play like a kid or play around with the (grand)kids:

Citrus coolers in a mason jar are easy and quick when you're supervising bundles of energy who just want to go go go. They can easily be part of the fun too when making this brightly coloured mocktail that looks right at home in a mason jar and tastes of lemon ice lolly. 

And when they've wound down from feeling exhausted? 

Dole whipped lemonade is the perfect treat. Pineapple, lemonade and coconut milk make a cocktail that is easy as one two three. The Disney classic is surprisingly easy to make at home with a good blender and some exotic fruit. 

And finally, for the life of the party who's always dancing: 

Grab a cranberry cutie, a festive medley of cranberry, honey, apple juice, cherry... You know we love to add a little cinnamon to the mix on every occasion and now is no different. Dance the night away and sip this while you do so! 

This is but a sample of the amazing variety of non-alcoholic cocktails I've found using pinterest as my spirit guide. If you have any non-alcoholic cocktail recipes that you're particularly fond of, I'd love to hear them!


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