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Temperance & Young People

Early Temperance Leaders realised if the movement was to have a future the key was to "catch them young". 

When Temperance and young people is mentioned many people will forever associate it with the Band of Hope and many hundreds of thousand passed through it's ranks. There were other youth organisatiions no less significicant for those involved. Many local Temperance Societies and Sunday Schools formed Juniour Temperance Sections.

Temperance Youth Organisations

Band of Hope

Juvenile Rechabites/Juvenile "Tents".

IOGT Juvenile "Temples"

Sons of Temperance Cadets

The Band of Hope

In 1847 a young Baptist minister Jabez Tunniclife persuaded the Leeds Temperance Society invited a charismatic worker Mrs Ann Carlile to address a series of mass children's meetings to great enthusiasm and the first "Band of Hope" was born.

In April 1834, Joseph Livesey's Preston Temperance Society held a public meeting formed a Youth's society when 101 young people signed the Pledge.

The First Juvenile

Temperance Society

In 1851 the six societies in Bradford formed a Union and Sheffield followed in 1855.

Exeter Hall, 1852

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